Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Farewell to the Summer

It has been warm, sunny and the past three nights had the most gorgeous full moon I have ever seen. I made sure to eat my moon cake to celebrate the solstice! Seattle is a beautiful place but in summer it's just glorious. I can't begin to describe how wonderful it is to enjoy a day outside with the sun shinning, the cool breeze and the beautiful sights. Even the nights are gorgeous and a full moon night has no comparision.

That's it for a quick morning post. Back to the kids and running around.


PlurMoon16 said...

Beautiful picture btw (by the way). I had to copy and paste it. Anyhow, I'm glad you cont. your journal. I miss you sis so much. See you in Oct. Oh and, keep it up, even if it's 3 or 4 lines, keep it up.

Sis. :O)

ORFA said...

Got it Gaby. I guess I am still new at this. You are right, the link not only is a pain but it has expired so I changed it. Check it out now!!!!!