Thursday, September 18, 2008


My 2 year-old, Frankie, asked me for dumplings last night for dinner. It was the craziest thing considering he has a speech delay and we are battling an early diagnosis for Autism. The little guy wanted dumplings and he made it clear that was his choice. One thing is that he is told we are having dumplings at our favorite hang out, Fu Man Dumpling House, but another one is that he is asking for a favorite meal, spontaneously and with delight! You had to see his little face lit up with the anticipation of having his dumplings! He has never done something like this before and I was crushed to tell him I had no dumplings to give him. After much convincing I was able to talk him into eating a good plate of arroz con pollo (chicken & rice) that had been requested earlier for supper by Rebecca and Victor. After all, they are all respectable latino kids, born in Miami to Cuban/Nicaraguan parents....what's with the dumpling craving????? Like if I didn't have enough with Victor wanting to eat tofu all the time, now Frankie wants dumplings? Later on that night, I realized it was not a one time thing and that the dumplings are here to stay. Somewhere between sleep and awake, lying down on his bed and ready to pass out, Frankie asked for dumplings again!

P.S. I am going to have to order frozen dumplings from Fu Man and keep them handy for these kinds of "emergencies"... or perhaps....could I learn how to make dumplings from scratch??????


Ms. Red said...
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Gloria said...

Hi Orfa, I love your blogs! I read them all.
I don't know if you tried the ones from Costco, my kids love them! but they come to you later! love, Gloria