Saturday, September 27, 2008

Cowboy Mice and Fantasy World

I know they look like Frankie and Victor but in reality they are cowboy mice singing the song from Cri-Cri, "El Raton Vaquero." Along with launching my campaign for teaching Victor Spanish with the help of the "Hooked on Spanish" software, I am reading nighttime stories in Spanish to him AND playing my Cri-Cri CD'S in the car and during playtime. So far, I think Victor is becoming more comfortable with the language and is putting sentences together but what he really, really enjoys are the songs from Cri-Cri. I never thought that he would get into them because of the somewhat elaborated lyrics and his limited understanding of the language but I guess the magical world of my childhood still does have an appeal to young children today. Even Frankie joins in, humming the tunes of the songs and shouting one or two words in Spanish. Rebecca watches from a distance but I know she is mumbling along the songs she knows - eleven is a horrible age! The plus side of this process has been how much I have enjoyed re-discovering these songs (I remember ALL the lyrics) and getting that happy-go-lucky feeling in my heart when singing them out loud with my children - it's priceless. Some of our favorites are "El burrito esta llorando," "La marcha de las letras," "El raton vaquero," and lately, they also like "Cocuyito Playero." It's great to be able to share something with my small children that I hold so dear as are the memories from my childhood games. So many games played to the songs of Cri-Cri blasting from my Mom's record player (LP'S!!!) and my brothers and I running all over the house singing "El raton vaquero" and other classics...I can't ask for more out of life than experiencing these moments with my children and building awesome memories that I know they will hold as dear as I hold mine. Thank you, Mr. Gabilondo Soler for creating that special world of fairies, talking animals and great stories where the children of yesterday, today and tomorrow can let their imaginations run wild and enjoy the magical time that childhood is. I know I am back in that world every time I sing these songs in my heart.

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