Friday, September 26, 2008

Beans taste like salad!

"Beans taste like salad, you should try them, everyone go ahead and try them!"  These were the very excited words from Victor when trying out organic grown beans brought in by a classmate from his family garden in Shoreline.  It was a great experience for Victor and for Frankie, who joined the class as a guest, to touch, smell and taste produce grown without pesticide and with the love and nurturing of a family's hard work.  Frankie's favorite was the "huckleberries" he called "baby grapes" -  they tasted kind of tangy but kind of sweet.  There were apples, beans of all colors, radishes, tomatoes, turnips and different types of berries.  It was amazing to realize that growing your own greens is actually possible for city dwellers and you don't have to own a farm to do so.  I was sharing with one of the moms that not only I don't have a green thumb but that my thumb is so deadly, it should be called a BLACK THUMB!  Everything that has roots or leaves and that gets touched by me dies so I have resorted to plastic plants - sorry kids, they are not that tasty!  - and that's the extend of my gardening experience.  Thea, the mom I was talking to, said that it was easier to grow outside stuff than inside stuff because someone else takes care of the watering for you....I wonder who that someone else may be but I think she meant GOD since it's always raining in Seattle.  Who knows? Maybe, with the help of God this crazy family from Miami might become so evolved that one day  we can grow our own fruits and vegetables...that would be something worth writing about!  In the mean time, I will get my stuff from the grocery store and make sure they are organic-enough!

Victor and Frankie examine vegetables and fruits grown in an organic garden.

Victor is heading for the apples and Frankie discusses the taste of "huckleberries" with one of Victor's classmates.


Gabriela said...

hey Old McDonald, on that last picture, it looks like frankie is eating a pop tart.

Anonymous said...

You are soooo funny! He was! but he threw it away in favor of the huckleberries!