Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wake up if you want to dream!

Things are a bit more clear now.
When you get out of the darkness of confusion, all things past and present are more clear under the light of reason. I have always been a person of contradictions; too intense, too impressive, completely emotional...and I liked being that way. I never cared if I was conventional or not...until one day, I got lost. It took me a long time before I realized that I missed myself. It took me longer to realize that I didn't have dreams anymore, only duties. Life had stopped being an adventure to become an obligation, a list of things to do and nothing to want. I was empty, I didn't have light, I could only reflect the light from those around me but I felt dark, silent, lifeless. Like thieves in the middle of the night, sadness, hopelessness and routine broke into my life and once they were at home, I did not know how to kick them out! One of the things that got affected by this "state of mind" of mine was my blog. It was easier to farm in Farmville and socialize in Facebook than to pick my brains for my blog and realize there was nothing to say. The everyday wonders that used to fill my life before were not there anymore, at least not before my eyes. It was easier to post albums on line that depicted my perfect little world, with pictures of kids, family outings and happy times that inside were really not so happy. I became so broken I couldn't pick up the pieces anymore and nothing made sense.

Really? do I need to really explain myself on this blog? I do. I do because I started writing here to find a way to listen to myself since the noise around me and inside of me is so loud that sometimes it's impossible to hear my thoughts. And we all have to hear ourselves talking. We do. At the end of the day, the one who knows what's best for you is you...but if you don't know what is important in your life, if your set of values has fallen to the ground, there is not really a path to follow and every day becomes another check on your "to do list." And then, you start start longing for the days when things were not so complicated. You start going back, waaaay back, to a time when the illusion of young dreams was alive. You go to your happy place where you were daring, where you were shinning, where you were in control and then you start regretting. The regretting part is the worst because then you want to make things different. You want to change what sometimes cannot and wouldn't be wise to change. And who wouldn't trade adventure over dirty dishes, whining kids and laundry? The hopes and dreams of what was"unrealized" could become overwhelming sometimes and it can get things really, really messy. But in life, you can't have everything...but you must love what you do have. If something does not become a reality this time around, you might have a second chance again.....or just not. and that's OK; the world will not end, at least not yet. Once I read somewhere that you have to "bloom where you have been planted" and that's what I had tried to do until I stopped - well, I am back in bloom again and I hope to remain this way. Once you look around, you realize that what's turned "ordinary" through the years, might only need a brush of magic, a sprinkle of illusion, a dust of hope and then it will shine again. I'm convinced I have to follow the path I have chosen and even if it's the wrong path, it can still lead to marvelous places!

What was it? Depression? Mid-life crisis? I'm not sure I can put a label to it, but it was real and present and it took a tow on my spirit and on my soul. But it will be no more.
From today and every day, just for that ONE day, I will get back to finding those little miracles I used to see all the time before. I will take the opportunities that every single day brings when you can change your existence for the best. Getting out of the dark is not the hard part, it's continuously walking in the light that makes you a real warrior!

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