Saturday, November 29, 2008

This Christmas

This Christmas will be different. I vow to make it a meaningful one, involving the children and experiencing this season through their eyes. This morning, I got up early to set up the Christmas tree - about the only thing I did by myself, so the kids could decorate it whatever way they wanted to. Raci had to work in the morning so this became our little project while he was out. I made up my mind to not care if the ornaments were unevenly distributed, more on the bottom than on the top. I didn't care if the tree-topper, which was Rebecca's job, ended up being sideways. I let Victor decorate the chimney mantel and Frankie got all the Christmas stuffed animals out and about the house. I did not care about changing out of our pajamas and if we eat breakfast sitting on the living room carpet - crumbs and all. This was my moment with my children and I enjoyed it to the max. Early in the morning, before Rebecca and Victor got up, Frankie told me all about Santa, his elves and the reindeer. He told me that he really loved Santa. When Rebecca and Victor got up and the action got started, we had Christmas music playing and we practiced singing the lyrics of our favorite tunes....the day was magical. When we were done, the house was shinning.....I can always count on the gloominess of Seattle weather to make the Christmas lights look even brighter - I tell you, there is always a positive in anything, if you look hard enough! The highlight of the day was the discovery of an old "vintage" Rudolph that belonged to Rebecca when she was a toddler...She shared the story with her siblings and their eyes were shinning! Rudolph has become a real treasure for them!

It has been a hard year away from our loved ones and the place we call home. This Christmas, once more, we will be by ourselves during the holidays but at the same time, we will enjoy each other more. To end this year, we have a list of things planned from greeting Christmas Ships at the beach to attending tree lighting celebrations; from drinking hot chocolate in the morning to having eggnog in the evening; from having breakfast with Santa to attending Christmas day mass; from Nutcracker school field trips to experiencing "snow" in a mall; from parade to parade; from Downtown lights to Zoo-lights! We are going to do all the merry stuff we can and we are going to enjoy each moment!

When we were putting together our nativity set, the kids asked lots of questions about Jesus - I told them the story of Christmas once more and I know their little hearts were rejoicing.


Gabriela said...

remember that we discussed this before...your home is not in Miami, Seattle or even Austin. Your home is where your heart is, and your heart is with your kids. I know you miss us and we SURELY miss you guys, but remember that we can always fix that with an airplane and a suitcase. I love you sis, and you'll do fine this holiday season, we got a camera now! lol

ORFA said...

I know, we DO! You better USE IT more often!