Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brotherly Love

The first "I love you" from Frankie has been for Victor. His brother, his friend and playmate - truly, he deserves to be told how much he is loved by his little brother. I must confess I am a little jealous since I could have bet the first time he'd say "I love you" would be for me but I was wrong and Victor took the prize. I am not even sure why Victor started to cry last night, either he got hurt or was frustrated about something but the bottom line is that he was having a major meltdown. Frankie started to look worried and wanted to comfort his brother and he told him, "I love you, Victor, don't be sad" - It is the most wonderful thing I could have hoped to hear from Frankie and not only did he initiate this affectionate moment by himself but he was able to make Victor feel better right away. Victor came running to me in the laundry room, from where I had heard the whole thing, and told me Frankie had said "I love you" to him. My husband, who was in the room at the moment, also pointed out that he had witnessed the little "miracle" take place. All of us were pleased because we knew once Frankie reached this milestone, we could expect a lot more of "I love you's" for the rest of the family too. Regardless of the fights, the bickering, the pushing and pulling and the competition for attention, I am starting to see the true bond shared between my two boys; the bond that will be tested by time and the turns their lives will take. My only wish is that the love they feel for each other now grows and keeps them from ever feeling lonely or sad because no matter what, they will always have each other.

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