Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Lost in The Farm!

So I have been a little lost lately. Well, more like a LOT lost but it's all due to a good reason: Farming! I have been growing tons of grapes, artichokes and now flowers but the best of it all is that I am rocking the cattle, horses, chickens and even the elephant business! I do have a few blog entries that I will eventually finish and post with a fake date since they actually took place during the summer months - hey, I was too busy with the farm, you know? Sure, virtual farming might not be as good as writing, at least for feeding the intellect, but it sure has been tons of fun! When things got a little hard with Frankie after our trip to Miami in the summer and there was no way I could produce any deep, insightful (or funny) entries for this blog the Farmville at Facebook helped me cope. Once the school year started, bringing about more changes and adjustments for all of us, my blog got smaller and my Farm got bigger!

So I am not saying I am giving up farming all together but I am back to my blog; perhaps I can work on my inspiration while picking some apples :-)

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