Sunday, June 14, 2009

Fish Tea

The best tea ever is fish tea! You can't buy it at Starbucks but it's easy to make; just throw in a few plastic fish inside an oversized plastic tea pot and fill with water from your bath tub - there you have it, FISH TEA! My kids stumbled over this great beverage by pure chance this evening while taking a bath in my roman tub - a weekend-only treat, the mess is huge! To make the experience more special, we have gone from bubbles to water guns and lately the bath tub has become a lake full of fish that are waiting to be catched by my two fishermen. I never saw the whole "tea-thing" coming when I threw this plastic tea pot in the water; I figured they would use it to pour water over each other's head...they had some other plans for it. I almost fell off the border of the tub when Frankie offered Victor some "tea" and Victor cheerfully answered "sure, sure, pour me some fish tea, please!" Frankie was laughing so loud, it was hilarious to watch them doing their very dignified tea routine...with fish inside the pot. The situation was so funny in so many levels that I had to blog about it! I have to admit it's been weird to have the boys play with "girlish" toys in order to help Frankie figure out social behaviors, like caring for dolls, using cooking utensils with play food/plates, etc...The plastic tea pot came with a set of cups and saucers and other pretend stuff and I just kept it lying around...hellooooooo!!!! It's got pink handles! After the boys came up with the "fish tea" I sure don't have any worries; boys will be boys, no matter what they play with....only a boy will enjoy drinking "fish tea," while naked and serve it with a good laugh on the side!

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