Wednesday, April 1, 2009


I'm not sure where I have been.  Probably I got lost in the fog (January 20th entry) and after being angry for the first time in months (March entry) I just crossed over to the DARK SIDE...not sure what it was but I am back to writing on this blog to get my "therapy" going again or maybe just for kicks!  Perhaps it was that I had so many things on hold and nothing definite coming out of it -  I'm certainly not the kind of person who enjoys playing "waiting games."  Some of the things I had "on-hold" have finally gotten some closure;  Frankie started preschool last month; we finally found a new house to move to; all the birthdays have come and gone and so have the family from Miami. Today, I don't face uncertainty anymore but I see "projects," ready to be tackled; There is the move to be completed; Rebecca is going to her big 6th grade camp trip; we are in the way to finishing Victor's ADHD diagnosis and treatment; and we have finalized plans for a quick trip to Miami.  Of course, getting my sister settled with us after her big move in the summer will be a whole different project on itself!  All and all, it's all good - really positive stuff - just my ticket!

I really do feel like that song about seeing clear when the rain is gone, even if there is always rain in Seattle!  Although the weather is still cold - and we still have the occasional snow shower - spring is starting to peak; summer is more than a promise, it's  a certainty and the light at the end of the tunnel is bright and invigorating.  I'm starting to feel like I am waking up from a long winter's nap and ready to be alert, alive and back to blogging....This is our life and it matters to record the good the bad and the ugly, if not for posterity, at the very least to get a good laugh TODAY! 

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