Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Writer's block or sunblock?

I have been missing from the blogger world...but I have not been missing out in life, fun and SUN. After what we call "the hardest years" of our lives, we figured we would play as hard too! Got on a plane to Miami, jumped in another one to Nicaragua, had a blast - came back to Miami and continue having a great time. I have to say that it was probably the best time I have had since I came to find out what having a great time really is. Our time in Nicaragua was priceless; time with our loved ones, time with my memories and time to build new ones with the kids. I got the relaxation time I needed and the kids got the fun they wanted. Pool, beach, amusement parks waited for us in Florida and we did it all and then some more. This has been the summer of our lives...we celebrated each other, got loads of quality time and recharged our batteries for the next school year. Life is great, God is good and we have each other...what else can we ask for? oh, yes, the lottery

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